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EUROSUR II, förstärkt operativ förmåga


Total funding


from 2020 to 2022

Funding per country


Project start2020-01-01
Project end2022-12-31

Funding program

Internal Security Fund

Total budget: €1,812,061,376.53

Projects: 1185

Beneficiaries: 404

The Internal Security Fund (ISF, 2014-20) financed national and EU projects for policing, security and borders. More information on the EU website

Source data

All data has been compiled via public sources or freedom of information requests to the relevant European Union or national institutions. Data may be incomplete or missing; some agencies or countries still haven’t responded to us, months later. Spreadsheets have been reformatted in order to fit into this data platform. If you see any errors, typos, translation issues or other problems, please get in touch:

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The project intends to increase the capacity of authorities responsible for border control by increasing the ability to base operational activities on intelligence and risk assessments. A generic concept for operational planning will be developed to facilitate national coordination. Contingency plans must be designed to be able to better handle extraordinary incidents with contact with the border administration. The project builds on the organizational structure created in the ongoing ISF-funded project EUROSUR and secures contact routes for information exchange and operational cooperation at national and regional level between the Coast Guard, the Swedish Customs and the Police Authority.