TALOS is a project funded under the program PADR which is part of the military funding from the EU.


TALOS aims to provide the framework necessary for future R&D actions. generating a roadmap to develop critical laser effector technologies and ensuring strategic autonomy and security of supply This roadmap will address current shortfalls in EU technical capability in this domain. proposing solutions to overcome dependencies on suppliers from non-EU countries and the risk of end-user restrictions being imposed by non-EU nations (International Traffic in Arms Regulations - ITAR and Export Administration Regulations - EAR) The project will also develop and demonstrate some of the most critical Laser Directed Energy Weapon technologies paving the way to the design and build of an EU high-power laser effector to be integrated in military applications in the next decade The technologies to be demonstrated include elements of the high-power laser source. atmospheric turbulence compensation and precision target tracking and laser pointing systems

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Project start2019-09-01

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